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Olga Koshcheeva


Born on May, 15, in 1987


Graduated at Politecnico di Milano


Founded Studio 5.15 in 2014

Interior designer and decorator. Ex-philologist. Mad about Soviet vintage, jazz music and opera, loves crocheting rugs and visiting house museums all over the world


IG @fivefifteendesign



Francesco Tosi


Born on December, 29, in 1981


Graduated at Politecnico di Milano


Architect and web designer


2004-2015 cofounder and partner at Ghigos Ideas and Logh Srl 


In 2015 founded thebigpic studio


Passionate about photography, good food and graphic novels. Could have become a street artist but something went wrong 



IG @ventitrix

Anna Popova

Born on April, 22, in 1988 

Architect and interior designer

Graduated at NSUADA in Novosibirsk and NABA in Milan


Joined 5.15 in 2017


Really loves rock music, wild traveling and posh city life with awesome sunsets she watches from her balcony